How To Be Prepared For Home Invasions

rollersWhile the risk of having your home invaded may be low, there is definitely no harm in being prepared for it. It may seem like it only happens in the movies but once it happens in real life, there may not be enough time to guard yourself or to be safe from harm if you are not prepared for it. Here are some ways in which you can be prepared for a possible home invasion.

Owning a weapon
Some states allow a person to be the owner of a registered gun that can be used for self-defense. While this may seem a little over the top, there is no better way in feeling safer than having a locked and loaded weapon in the house which can be used if the need arises. However, it takes practice to shoot a gun and if not prepared, panic can set off a shooter in the worst way possible and it is also a possibility that the home invader is better prepared and thus could gain control over your gun. Hence, it is always good to join a shooting range to practice shots if you own a gun.

Planting thorny bushes
It is always a good idea to plant thorny bushes around windows or other potential entrances which will give the invader a harder time in breaking in. Some people choose to place broken glass on the ledges of their outer wall of the house so that invaders will find it hard to climb over. However, if there is no inner compound, you can plant cacti and other thorny plants which will serve as obstacles for invaders and even animals for that matter. In addition to the plants, best roller blinds Brisbane on the windows will also help keep them at bay.

Covering the windows and doors
It is quite common for invaders to have stalked their victims before deciding to invade their house. When you have open windows and doors, it makes the invaders job much easier when he can observe your routine and the structure of your house on the inside so that he can plan his job well. It is always a good option to get ready made curtains so that people can’t see what happens on the inside and it also makes a break in harder, check out here.

Hanging a bell
If you have a backdoor and a front door, hang a bell over both doors on the inside if you do not have enough money to set up a burglar alarm system in the house. This old fashioned method will immediately make you alert when the door is being opened by an intruder. However the downside to this is that the bell will ring every time anyone opens the door which is inclusive of visitors. Better safe than sorry though!