A Few Reasons To Work With NZRS

NZRS has been enjoying a name of success in the field of providing a harm free environment to the citizens of New Zeeland and the surrounding areas. The aim of our company is to provide the services which has the highest quality with reliability and at affordable prices. We are into this field since a long time so we know how to cope up with different issues that a household, domestically and commercially people face. We try our level best to give them a service which they are expecting from us.

Services at NZRS

We are providing a number of services according to the need of the targeted areas. We focus on the following segments:

Flood Restoration:

As we all know, nature is so uncertain. The challenges of nature hit us any day anytime. Flood is one of the one example of nature challenges. Flood destroys almost everything and affect badly the daily routines. It has negative effect on the houses in a way that house is filled up with excess water which damages almost everything including wires, technological services, carpets, machinery etc. We have experts who can promptly help people in restoring the damages occurred after hitting flood. 

Fire Restoration:

We often meet unexpected accidents at office and homes. The house catch fire due to the stove leakage and office room can catch fire if there is some short circuit produces in the wires. It is so dangerous and life taking. To restore the area from fire, we work efficiently.

Great Asbestos Removal:

Asbestos is harmful for health. Although we cannot decline the usage of asbestos in the manufacturing industry but we cannot ignore the fact that how it has a negative impact on human health so we have to get them remove as soon as possible.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Hamilton:

There are huge numbers of carpets available in hotel rooms and lobby and hotel management could not afford to change throughout carper after each year as they are quite expensive and also could not clean them to make them look like new so they need professional help. We serve them immediately without a delay.


We give a world class service for decontamination. We make sure that the place or area where we are targeting is free from all the natural impurities that has been produced in the environment due to the chemical process or from any other source. We also cater to the areas where people had attempted the suicide and the blood got dried on the carpet and we all know how its bacteria is harmful for human health so we clean those scars also.

In short, we try our level best to remove all the harmful acids, gases and spots on the floor and environment and from all the places which makes human health fall in to problems. So, give us a chance as we get life only once so why risking it.