Commercial Or Administrative Professional Offices

flooringChoosing a floor for commercial or administrative professional offices must meet a balance between a nice floor for employees every day, welcoming to visitors with an attractive and professional aesthetic finish. Difficult compromise between resistant floor ready to welcome many passages, easy to maintain and customizable to the company’s image and its color codes, yet there is a solution more and more widespread, the decorative resin floor. First limited to use in an industrial environment for its mechanical and chemical resistance properties, the resin for floor has been widely adopted by individuals because custom decorative products it allows. While the floor or carpets are often preferred for commercial or administrative professional ground, here’s a picture of this flooring is modern and attractive with the qualities of a professional ground.

Available in an industrial environment in two forms, epoxy flooring or polyurethane, the “epoxy” resin remains the most common solution for a decorative floor with amazing qualities of impact resistance and passage. Composed of a resin and a hardener, the decorative ground resin is widely used in many public premises in large numbers such as hospitals or shopping centers, because of its great strength capabilities. For administrative offices, shops or shops with a more limited traffic frequency and a thinner coating called “self-leveling” can provide sufficient strength.
If the carpet is often preferred for its soundproofing qualities, it has a limited life with little maintenance demanding and resistance to daily tasks. A decorative resin floor offers a soundproofing solution and powerful sound, perfect for offices in open space where silence is king for collective concentration, while its maintenance is very constraining. Customizing the resin is infinite ground by adding color pigments to its composition. Between a colorscharts, finishing options and material effect, artistic and aesthetic customization is inexhaustible. Ideal to give the floor to the overall decor of the premises and the visual identity of the brand, decorative resin floor offers an ideal compromise to attract visitors, employees daily delight and enhance the harmonized decorating your local cheap professionals.
To enhance the visual identity of the company, it is also possible to integrate a logo or slogan on the ground directly in the resin or with a sticker. The decorative resin floor resulted in seamless epoxy flooring with a fully waterproof smooth surface. With anti-dust properties, maintenance is easy with the simple passage of a flexible end vacuum and a wet mop. Just avoid the use of too corrosive cleaning products and decorative resin floor retains its smooth and flawless color. This for that ease of maintenance and its hygienic properties as the resin floor became common in supermarkets, shopping centers or hospitals. In case of significant deterioration or willingness to change color or finish, simply sand the old surface before applying a new layer of decorative resin floor on your business premises.