Get Your Home Ready For Christmas


Christmas is a jolly good time of the year where everyone that matters to you will visit your house. So, you will need to make your home look absolutely wonderful and keep it clean to receive guests. Most people think that a Christmas tree, some LED lights and seasonal decorations are enough for your house on Christmas. Well, while those things certainly help to create a festive atmosphere, there are certain other essential design tips for the house that you should follow as well. Here are some of them:

Thoroughly Remove Dust It’s easy to get everything dusty towards the end of the year, especially if you don’t follow regular cleaning schedules. Therefore, before the guests arrive start cleaning everything. Use an industrial grade vacuum cleaner if possible. Sometimes a clean house is all the decoration you need. While you need, pay attention to details and note down which needs to be taken to furniture repairs in Brisbane and such.

Remove Thick Curtains Christmas in Australia is a warm affair. Therefore, instead of taking advice from housekeeping magazines printed in the northern hemisphere, get into the Christmas mood by removing think curtains from the windows. Allow in plenty of sunlight to liven up rooms.

Connect Outdoors and Indoors As you will not be experiencing a traditional white Christmas, feel free to spend the Christmas Eve enjoying the outdoors as well as indoors. Allow celebrations outdoors as well as indoors. For example, if you prepare a meal in the indoor dining room, serve drinks in the yard. That way, guests can eat comfortably inside and then enjoy the night breeze outside.

Use Bold Accents It’s time to use bold coloured accents around your home. Red is common during Christmas, but you can up the game by choosing trendy and uncommon colours like vermillion, magenta, fuchsia, hot pink and so on. The colours should complement the celebratory spirit of the season. You can do the upholstery in the same colours when you go for furniture repairs in Brisbane.

Make Use of Flowers It’s the warm and blooming season, so make full use of flowers in your garden. Include floral arrangements as decorative items in areas where guests gather. Flowers add bright colours to rooms, complement the existing style and add natural fragrance that no one can dislike. Therefore, choose flowers over other types of artificial ornamental decorations in your home. Inspired? Use one or two of the above suggestions to make your Australian home ready for the festivities and the warm weather of the Christmas season.