Glass Decoded: How To Choose The Type That Suits You




Glass comes in many shapes, sizes and varieties. When it comes to glass being used in the house, whether it is for panelling, framing or partitioning, many people are left wondering and at the mercy of their contractors to figure out what type of glass is best suited to fit your needs. Why not know more about it rather than leave the decisions to be made by your builder and later regret not getting a specific type? Find out more about shower screens at Custom Glass & Shower Screens here to choose which ones are in line with your specific tastes and requirements;

Frosted for More Privacy and Protection

Frosted, acid etched; sandblasted… whatever you want to call it, the basic temperament of these types of glass is all pretty much the same with possibly slight differences with regards to the techniques used in production. The main purpose served by frosted glass is that it takes away the transparent quality of glass, thereby making it more difficult to clearly see what is on the other side. With most kinds of frosted glass, you will not be able to see more than a shadow or a blurred out image of what is on the opposite side of it. Sandblasting is also used to make glass stronger and more durable, thereby making it a good choice for fencing and glass doors. Frosted glass also tends to come in thicker variety than normal glass which adds to the resistance and durability of it.

As Clear as Crystal for a Modern Look

Clear glass is the most common and original type of it. At home, clear glass helps to create partitions and barriers between indoors and outdoors without blocking the view. If you are planning to add a semi frameless shower screen to your bathroom, then clear glass is the best choice as it helps to maintain a modern and stylish appearance.

The majority of frameless shower screens also come in clear glass to allow more visibility while adding a touch of elegance to an otherwise ordinary bathroom space. Clear glass is also a good choice for dayrooms and sliding doors leading to the deck as it allows for more light to flow in and for more visibility.

Tinted for a Totally Different Feel

Tinted glass has become a popular choice in households for several reasons. First, it helps refract the harsh rays of the sun during daytime and thereby letting in sufficient light into the house but not too much of it. Next, it helps to maintain the internal atmosphere by creating a cooling effect against the heat of sunlight, thereby allowing you to stay comfortably indoors without sweating from head to toe during the hot summer months. This will also help you to save up on your electricity bills by not having to keep the air conditioner on full blast all day long. Tinted glass also prevents the inside of the house being visible from the outside which gives more privacy.