Life is hectic and amidst all, you mostly forget to look at minor home-related issues as in the gas fitting or the plumbing services. You may enter the bathroom and notice the pipe leakage or stepping into the kitchen and notice the gas pipeline is mocking you. While you are exhausted and occupied by the dreary life routine rounds, let us introduce you to the one reliable company Prime Plumbing and Gas Fitting to deal with all your issues.

 Aren’t you after an affordable, trustworthy, and licensed plumber to get done your backflow prevention services? These services demand your proper attention and must be covered beforehand.

Say Hello

This business is small and owned by a licensed plumber with experience and expertise to solve all your plumbing issues in the blink of any eye. Our prime focus is to provide super affordable, quick, and timely services to our clients. Once you say hello, we assure you will only find professional experts and super friendly staff to get your all deals done. We offer several plumbing services including backflow prevention service too.

Backflow Prevention Service

Prime Plumbing and Gas Fitting is offering valves-testing services in Melbourne. Whether you’re residential or business property has devices for backflow prevention, or you installed them upon the instructions of Water Corporation, our expert squad can assist you in a range of backflow prevention services. Our services cover;

  • Mandatory annual testing
  • Replacement and repair
  • New installation

These services are compulsory to keep a check on your family’s health. Just little ignorance can lead to serious consequences. Thus, just place a call to our team and let the team take care of the rest rather than hip-hopping and taking tension. We are best at covering backflow prevention services.

Why Us

You can rely on our backflow prevention services as we have years of experience and capable hands to get your job done. These backflow prevention devices prevent the backflow of contaminated water into your main supply line. These backflow hazards can be ranked as low, medium, and high. These backflow prevention services need yearly testing of all the installed devices for its proper maintenance.

Because if you don’t look back at the maintenance and routine check-up of these installed devices the contaminated water may start entering your main supply and may cause a potential hazard.

Thus, contact or call our team and get your backflow prevention services done by the most pro team you will ever come across. We understand our work and know-how of scoring gratifying customers. You will come across multiple testimonials of our previous jobs. We aim to relax you and then focus on our work