Mix And Match Your Stuffs To Redesign Your Home


If you wish to freshen up your room to give it a more relaxed appeal, you can try out some of the tips mentioned below. You may be having a wide range of furnishings and accessories but cannot figure out how to decorate them all together. Here are some tips that will guide you on how to make best use of what you already have rather than disposing for a fresh piece.

Embrace the existing furnishings you have

Most people can work around with furnishings that they already have which is certainly not a bad idea. However, if they look dark and you are in need of lighter look, you can consider buy designer furniture in here through renowned stores. However, if you wish to manage with what you have, there are tricks to lighten the style which needs no painting too. For instance, add a fresh and traditional look to your bed with fresh linens. You can get rid of rugs, choose a modern mirror on top of the bed and choose fresh colors for your rooms. There are several ways to lighten your room with the help of your existing staff’s.

Let your creative juices flow

Most people are under the impression that the best way to lighten up their home style is to do away with the existing stuffs and bring in trendy and modern entertainment units. Well, you can definitely do so if you think that the stuffs that you already have are not functioning properly. There are many stores that offer home décor units and more with the best quality. However, if the exiting pieces are in good condition, you can embrace a combination of styles which may include wood furnishings and traditional pieces with a whole lot of colors, patterns and textures. This is in fact a better and more attractive design choice as it needs you to get more creative. Do not refrain yourself from being creative and go for a mix of distinct style that you have not tried before.

Lighten the mood of a room

If you have a bedroom set that is traditional in its look with matching dresser and nightstands, you can simply shift the nightstand into the other room. Alternatively, you can paint them or the dresser using fun shades to lighten the mood and keep your bed intact. This way, you can save money and effort. Your room will also look better than what it looked. There is no need to get rid of your old things to make your home look new and elegant. The trick is to mix and match your old and new things.