Tips For Dummies: Packing For College

College is one of the turning phases of life for anyone. It’s the time when you graduate from your teens and slowly get into your early twenties. So for those who are excited about the brand new adult life waiting for them, doing everything right is a part of the adventure. After enduring the SATs, multiple interviews and then finally getting that letter saying you were accepted is the start that you were waiting for. Packing is not a big deal if you are just going for vacation or a fishing trip. But packing for an extended term somewhere away from home is a task that need to be preplanned to make sure that you get everything you need.

The compulsory items that needs to go into your boxes

Apart from the random items that you will need to take to college, you will also need to have a separate box of emergency and compulsory items to keep with you. This box is what should be opened first and will need to have the provisions to get you through till you finish unpacking. Some of the stuff to go to box are;

  • Toiletries
  • Bedding (pillows, sheets, blanket, plush)
  • Laptop/ phone/ wires for these electronic items
  • Desk lamp
  • Set of clothes/ towel

You might have to invest in a mini storage prices for items that are easy to break and/or need special care.

Packing light is necessary

You do not need to pack your whole room when moving to college. You just need to get everything that you need and only that as you can always buy things that needs replacing anyway. Leave heavy things like winter clothing and winter bedding as you will most likely come home for winter holidays and you can grab a set or two when you come home for thanksgiving break or so.

School supplies should also stay at home since you can buy them from the university bookstore or from the local supermarket. Think of getting a cheap mini storage if you think that you do not want to drive all the way home to get extra supplies.

For large items like microwave, ironing boards, TV and such then you should probably talk to your roommate first and see who can bring what to the dorm to share.

Make sure that you are taking the documentation needed for things like insurance, registration, social security, financial aid forms and other requirements for university. Double check the necessities first and then if you have more space, take items that you would like to.